Why Start Infants on Montessori Learning Early

Why Start Infants on Montessori Learning Early

Infants may be too young to develop academically and go to a preschool in Yorba Linda CA. However, they are definitely not too young to develop emotionally. Starting your baby at the most sensitive time of development for Montessori learning will surely benefit them – and you, too!

So why is it necessary to start them young with Montessori learning? Here are the reasons why:

  • It is their sensitive period for movement.
    Through the Montessori school in Yorba Linda, parents will understand the importance of not restricting their baby’s movements. The child must be able to move well without any restrictions so they can develop their motor skills and even their hand-eye coordination.
  • It is their sensitive period for language.
    Teachers at a Montessori center in Yorba Linda CA will encourage the parents to talk, sing, and communicate with their babies a lot! An infant’s interest in sounds is certainly high at this period since they have just come to the world.
  • It is their sensitive period for sensory perception.
    Sensory perception is definitely a priority when it comes to learning. Developing sensory perception allows the baby to ‘know’ what is hot, high, blinding, or pain, and, thus, allowing them to associate it with danger. A keen sensory perception can help them navigate through their daily activities safely and effectively.

Children’s Montessori Center of Yorba Linda encourages you to adopt the Montessori thought as early as possible. If you want this kind of development for your child and proper infant care in Yorba Linda CA, give us a call!

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