Tooth Decay Prevention: 5 Tooth Guards Your Toddler Needs

Tooth Decay Prevention 5 Tooth Guards Your Toddler Needs

Of the health problems toddlers get to encounter, tooth decay happens to be a common one. Tooth decay is a destruction of the outer surface of a tooth, resulting from a bacterial action.
Do you wonder, as a parent, how you can help spare your toddler from the risks of having a tooth decay? Consider these five tooth guards a great need for your adorable little one:

  • Dentist

    As early as possible, register your child to a trustworthy dentist and secure regular check-ups. There is no better dental care partner your child can work with than a dentist. Know that as for tooth care matters, dentists know best. It pays to put your trust in what they are capable of doing.

  • Brushing

    Your little one can start learning how to brush their teeth on their own. Even so, supervise your child until they become old enough to get the work done responsibly.

    Encourage your child to brush teeth at least twice a day. Using a fluoride toothpaste strengthens your little one’s tooth enamel. Discourage excessive rinsing, as it can render the power of fluoride useless.

  • Moderation of Sweets

    Sweet foods and drinks for snacks can be your child’s greatest temptation, and if they are left unsupervised, they could end up over-indulging in them.

    Sweetened products increase the risk of a tooth decay. Hence, it is important to play an active role in limiting your child’s sweet intake, especially when taking snacks. Be careful not to leave a bottle of milk or a sweet drink with your toddler before bedtime. If there’s just too many sweet snacks at home, regulate your child’s eating of such and store the rest in areas your child wouldn’t easily locate.

  • Nutritious Snacks

    Children get thrilled with the idea of snacking. Encourage and influence your child to eat healthy even during snack time. Care to look through the nutritional labels of every item you purchase for your little one. If you are personally preparing the food, strive for your product to be more nutritious.

  • Water

    Help your child make drinking water after eating a constant habit – whether it’s during meals or snack time. Gargling with water after eating is also a good practice. These activities help rinse off any element from foods eaten which can potentially harm your teeth.

Your toddler’s healthy teeth can surely make them look more adorable. Grant them these tooth guards to ensure a life free from tooth destruction!

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