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The Ingredient: How to Make Your Child’s Childhood Happy

It is a fact that all parents want their children to be happy. But what do we mean by happiness? How can we accomplish the goal? How will you achieve it when you have other responsibilities, such as work to do? But you know what, there are some ingredients on how to make your child’s … Continue reading

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Tooth Decay Prevention: 5 Tooth Guards Your Toddler Needs

Of the health problems toddlers get to encounter, tooth decay happens to be a common one. Tooth decay is a destruction of the outer surface of a tooth, resulting from a bacterial action. Do you wonder, as a parent, how you can help spare your toddler from the risks of having a tooth decay? Consider … Continue reading

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From Rashes to Flawless: Top 6 Ways to Prevent and Treat a Diaper Rash

Mayo Clinic defines a diaper rash as “a common form of inflamed skin that appears as a patchwork of bright red skin on your baby’s bottom.” Diaper rash is often a result of an irritation, infection, or allergy. Although your baby will probably get a diaper rash at some point, there are many ways you … Continue reading

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Picky Eater No More! 6 Simple Ways to Make Your Toddler Eat Healthy Food

At an early age, children are taught the importance of eating healthy food. However, they remain to be picky eaters. Instead of eating fruits and vegetables, they opt to put candies and other junk food inside their mouth. As a parent, you cannot help but worry. Are there some ways you can do to make … Continue reading

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