Extracurricular Activities

Yorba Linda, CA - Extracurricular Activities

At our Montessori Center in Yorba Linda CA, we offer extracurricular activities to our students for them to be able to pursue interests and activities that are not present in the standard curriculum. Encouraging them to learn other things which are not included in standard school programs will broaden their knowledge about the world.

Chinese classes are made available for those who are interested in learning the language. Being conversant in other languages aside the mother tongue could make a great positive impact on the child’s future.

Art Work
Letting the children’s creative thoughts run free will entice them to create art works. This activity also teaches them the basics on colors and shapes.

Physical Education
Focusing on enhancing their mental abilities alone is not considered as holistic growth. Kids also need to undergo physical activities so that they are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Musical activities are usually done through role plays, games and playing musical instruments. This activity focuses on developing the basic skills associated with music like singing and playing instruments.