Academic Programs

Academic Programs in Yorba Linda, CA

Academic excellence is essential to young learners so they will be able to successfully craft their skills and use it effectively for their future endeavors. As a Montessori Center in Yorba Linda CA, we believe that letting kids undergo academic programs at an early age will help them develop sooner; thus, being educationally advanced in school and in life.

Here are the academic programs that we offer:

Numerous studies show that encouraging your kids to read at an early age will make them develop a habit for love of learning.

Language Arts
Communication is a skill that is of utmost importance. Children who have poor communication skills tend to have writing and speaking difficulties when they grow up.

Problem-solving skills are important to further train your child to reach his/her greatest abilities. Mathematics is also essential because it is used in everyday lives.

Social Studies
Social Studies helps kids become aware of other places around the world. It is also on this subject where they get to learn the different cultures and races.

Letting children explore and experiment are forms of freedom that we highly value. There is no better way to sharpen one’s mind than to make them learn and have fun at the same time.