Power Up Your Parenting This Year

Power Up Your Parenting This Year

Most moms and dads may give at least a passing thought about resolutions, along with the New Year. These normally have to do with overeating or exercising or a negative behavior plump needing correction. As your preschool in Yorba Linda CA, let us help you decide on making a few changes in your parenting-minute improvements that you can do, but make a big difference in you and your child.

Children’s Montessori Center of Yorba Linda, a daycare center in California, gives you these parenting tips to start along with the new year. You might want to add the following to your resolutions:

  • Listen more to your kids.
    Trust us, they want and need air time. They sometimes crave to be heard and seen by you. 
  • Count one to ten before reacting to anything that your child did.
    Simply pause for a while and don’t say a word: no warnings, no comments, no punishments. This will give you the space to think about the proper and positive way to respond.
  • Be careful of hollow threats when trying to get your kid to do or not do something.
  • Stay on course when deciding for your kids.
    If you say NO, stick with it. If you are unsure, steer clear of the NO and say “I have to think about it” instead.
  • Lastly, always remember to be good to yourself.

Our Montessori school in Yorba Linda is your partner in raising children to use the best of their potential. We also make sure that they become responsible citizens of our country. If you have questions, you may call or email us. As your Montessori center in Yorba Linda CA, we are happy to serve you!

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