Picky Eater No More! 6 Simple Ways to Make Your Toddler Eat Healthy Food


At an early age, children are taught the importance of eating healthy food. However, they remain to be picky eaters. Instead of eating fruits and vegetables, they opt to put candies and other junk food inside their mouth. As a parent, you cannot help but worry.

Are there some ways you can do to make your little angel eat healthy food? Children’s Montessori Center of Yorba is here to tell you that there are! Find out what these simple ways are by reading on.

  • 1. Avoid nagging about your child’s unhealthy choices.

    Your little one’s picky habit can be frustrating, but avoid badgering him/her about it. The better thing to do is to suggest a healthy option. If your child wants to eat candy, try dipping fresh strawberries in chocolate sauce. Still not working? Stop storing candies at home and opt for naturally sweet dried fruit instead.

  • 2. Do not forget to praise your kid.

    Have you ever wondered why it is easier for people to criticize the negative things you do rather than compliment the positive ones? Do not do this to your child. When they eat fruits and vegetables, do not forget to praise them. They love hearing compliments. In psychology, this is known as positive reinforcement. This prompts your child to do it often, believing that he/she is doing good.

  • 3. Spice things up!

    Give your kids flavorful food that they will not be able to resist. By flavorful food, we are not saying that you have to feed them french fries — although kids love that. There are many healthy and delectable recipes for children that you can search for on the web. Moreover, keep your menu varied. Do not feed your little ones the same food for simultaneous days because it would bore them.

  • 4. Give treats every now and then.

    Completely banning unhealthy food, such as candies, soda, and chips, will not help you and your toddler. The more you prohibit your child from eating some junk food, the more appealing it would become for him/her. Instead, allow some treats every now and then. It is like a child’s version of a “cheat day” for adult health enthusiasts.

  • 5. Start good habits early.

    The United States Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration concur that a child’s eating habits should be highlighted early on in life. The earlier you get your child to develop healthy eating habits, the better it is for his/her long-term health.

  • 6. Consult with a pediatrician.

    Before you make some changes to your little one’s diet, do not forget to ask his/her doctor about it first. It is not something you can do on your own. Your kid’s pediatrician knows what you should and should not do. Best get advice from a professional. Besides, having a medical professional’s opinion can somewhat validate your meal preparation approaches as a parent.

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