Make Your Child Love Bath Time

Make Your Child Love Bath Time

Daily baths for your children is essential to maintain good hygiene and overall health. Because they often expose themselves to alarming levels of germs, especially during playtime at home or in a Montessori school in Yorba Linda, they need a routine that can remove sweat and dirt from their body.

Trying to get your children to take a bath can be challenging and tiresome. It can really test your patience. However, trying to overpower your children into doing something they don’t like or fear of doing is not an effective way to eventually persuade them. Getting to know the real reason behind it is.

According to the educators in our Montessori Center in Yorba Linda CA, some children don’t like to take a bath for a variety of reasons. They may say that the water is too hot or too cold. They may also complain that they don’t like getting soap or shampoo into their eyes because that’s painful.

Ask your children why they don’t like to take a bath. If they complain that they don’t like the water temperature, try to adjust it by mixing hot and cold water until your children says it’s all right. If they fear running into soapy disasters, assure them that you’ll be careful with their eyes.

It may also be irritating to some children when there is a change of activity. For instance, they are playing with their toys or watching TV. They certainly don’t want to be interrupted because they have to take a bath. If that is the case, then come up with something that makes their bath time just as fun. Bring in the water toys!

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