Improving Your Child’s Problem Solving Skills


Problem-solving skills are essential skills your child learns at a young age, and takes with them into adulthood. Having a good foundation in early childhood helps improve your child’s mental health, and enables them to face problems they may face in adulthood. As a Montessori school in Yorba Linda, we let our children engage in activities that improve their problem-solving skills.

Here are some tips we recommend to parents at our Montessori center in Yorba Linda CA:

  • Help them identify the steps to problem-solving.
    While problem-solving may be instinctive to us as we age, it can be overwhelming to young children. Help them out with a formula for problem-solving which includes identifying the problem, developing possible solutions for it, weighing the pros and cons of each solution, and testing it out.
  • Let them practice problem-solving.
    You don’t have to solve every problem your child encounters. Let them try to solve it by themselves and be a guide to walk them through the problem-solving steps. This encourages them to be independent.
  • Allow natural consequences to teach them.
    When it’s safe and appropriate to do so, let your child face the natural consequences of their actions. This encourages them to make a better choice next time.

Are you looking for a preschool in Yorba Linda CA to help your child learn essential skills in their fundamental years? We, at Children’s Montessori Center of Yorba Linda can help start your child’s great future.

We are a childcare provider in Yorba Linda CA that ensures children development in every aspect.

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