Ideas for Family Activities to Stay Fit and Healthy


Exercising is always healthy. However, it seems that doing exercise activities together as a family does not often happen. You usually head to the gym to work out. Because you know your child will not feel enthused about lifting weights and running on a treadmill, you let them go with their nanny to visit the playground and run around with other children.

Our educators in Montessori school in Yorba Linda suggest that it can be beneficial for your family if you exercise together to maintain a close bond and stay active. Try to come up with activities that will keep all the family members interested.

Children’s Montessori Center of Yorba Linda has rounded up a few ideas that you and your household may incorporate into your weekly exercise routine:

  • Bike rides.
    How fun it is to bike your way to better health! If your preschooler does not yet know how to balance a regular bike, get them a balance bike.
  • House cleaning competition.
    You can turn chores into cardio sessions if you announce that there is a prize for anyone who completes their task first.
  • Frisbee game.
    Now, who doesn’t know Frisbee? Visit a local park with your family and start the game!
  • Freestyle dancing at home.
    Turn up the music at home and just start dancing! Better yet, capture the moment with a video recorder every time you go boogying with your family.

Exercising does not need to be strenuous and boring. You can make it fun! We believe that exercising together as a family not only helps keep you fit, but it also builds better relationship and bond.

Our educators at Montessori Center in Yorba Linda CA is not always about teaching children lessons, it is also about incorporating activities for them to stay active and have fun.

For inquiries, you are welcome to contact our childcare provider in Yorba Linda CA.

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