Common Discomforts Experienced by Infants


Newborn babies are precious jewels who deserve utmost pampering and quality care. Part of making life comfortable for them is tracing first the things that could only bring them the feelings of uneasiness. The following are common discomforts that would sometimes lead infants to burst into tears:

  • Hunger

    Food is a basic commodity even in infancy. Infants whose hunger isn’t addressed have greater tendencies to wail until they get what they need. Food has become one of the common reasons why infants cry.

  • Pain

    Infants can be crying out of sudden pain. When it’s pain that’s causing discomforts, silencing it and the infant becomes a challenge. Adults have varied reactions to babies’ cries in pain; some find it nerve-racking and horrible, while others see it cute. Regardless of the possible responses, pains in infants need to be removed for safety and security.

  • Noise

    Many infants are sensitive to noise. Being in an area where random people are chit-chatting, some are shouting, and a loud music is played on a stereo, puts infants in an uneasy situation. Every individual needs to be extra careful when producing any kind and level of noise, especially if infants are around. They may never appreciate the sound.

  • Unfitness

    Wearing unfit clothes can be uncomfortable for infants. Tight clothes can choke or challenge normal breathing, while loose clothes play tricks on the child’s body movements. Infants need to be assured of wearing the types of clothes that fit to their size.

  • Rash

    Some infants have troubles with their diapers, causing rashes and reddening on the skin. Know how to properly deal with instances like this, especially if you are nursing a baby. See to it that a safer diaper will be utilized, and that it is worn the right way in order to avoid discomforts.

  • Loneliness

    Infants may wake up from their cribs and miss the warmth of your embrace, as well as your loving touches. They drown in tears in fear of being alone. Infants are delicate and vulnerable, and their emotions aren’t exempted from such.

  • Dirt

    A disorganized resting environment exposes infants to dust and dirt, which give harm to the health. Infants are sensitive to these ill-striking causes and they need to be well-guarded. For health and safety reasons, they need to be resting in a peaceful, neat, and cozy area.

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