Care for Toddlers: Meeting Their Basic Needs

Care for Toddlers: Meeting Their Basic Needs

Lovely and adorable – this is how most adults would characterize toddlers. Surf through social media sites or walk through the malls; you can find these lovely little ones almost anywhere!

Behind the natural charm they display is a fragile heart that calls for pampering. It’s crucial for children of ages 1-3 not to be deprived of their basic needs.

As a Montessori Center in Yorba Linda CA with a soft spot in our heart for toddlers, we share with you five of toddlers’ basic needs which you should not overlook as a parent. Here are as follows:

  • Stable Living Environment

    It’s important that toddlers reside in a peaceful, safe, and comforting place they can truly call home. This can sometimes be hindered by financial constraints or job relocations. Toddlers’ home environment plays a great influence on their future becoming.

    Aside from a comfortable setting, toddlers’ living environment should also promote a loving atmosphere. Constant nagging, marital problems, and frequent absence of parental figure should be better off prevented.

  • Proper Nutrition

    Feeding your little one inadequately and unhealthily can magnet various illnesses as they grow up. Proper nutrition is and will always be essential to everybody’s health. Provide the very foods that can be your toddler’s source of nutrients. Regular drinking of water and milk must also be given priority.

  • Undivided Attention

    Becoming a toddler is when the young one demands to be heard, even when they’re still working on their communication abilities. Parents neglecting toddlers’ voice can only lead to frustrations and tantrums. Toddlers also love to be given attention, appreciation, and compliments. So even when you might be juggling multiple responsibilities, never deprive your child of the time and attention they deserve to get from you.

  • Words of Love

    Every single statement toddlers get from their sphere of influence affects their upbringing. Instill in your child’s young mind gentle, loving, and encouraging words that are sure to boost their self-esteem. Maintain a tactful speech even for every individual your child hears you speaking with.

  • Consistent Discipline

    Realize that your child has reached a stage of trial and error and foundation building. Set rules clearly and be firm on your stands; show consistency by not wavering from your own rules. Make it clear what things are expected of your child and explain possible consequences if the rules get defied.
    Remember, however, that you don’t need to be a terror type of parent by doing this. Develop the heart of a gentle disciplinarian.

If you happen to be new with parenting and need help delivering Toddler Care, sending your child to Children’s Montessori Center of Yorba can be your best resolve! Our staff can lovingly care for your toddler the way you wish.

You can also plan ahead for the next phase of your toddler’s life. Soon they will be leveling up to kindergarten, which would require high-quality training. You can trust in our fun-filled Kindergarten in CA! Call us for inquiries at 714-528-0831.

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