The Planes of Development

I have found that in his development, the child passes through certain phases, each of which has its own particular needs. The characteristics of each are so different that the passages from one phase to another have been described by certain psychologists as ‘rebirths’. Dr. Maria Montessori Throughout her years of observing children across a … Continue reading

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Qualities to Seek in Choosing a Good Montessori School

Providing good Montessori education for your child is significant as it would be the foundation of your kid’s intelligence, learning, and growth. Montessori is an educational method that emphasizes self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative plays. As parents, we desire the best education for our children. However, as there are many schools out there, we … Continue reading

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Things to Benefit From Montessori Education

Education is an important part of every human being. It is one key to succeeding in life and getting on the career path. You can start by working on investment for a Preschool in Yorba Linda CA. Choosing the institution for your child is a challenge. When you are making choices, you should consult your … Continue reading

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Do Not Fight in Front of Children

As parents, we experience hardships and stressful situations in life. The pressure is too high, and we need to live by every day to cope with all these stressors. It can be inevitable to disagree and have differences of opinion and plans with other family members. And that is where arguments start. We understand that … Continue reading

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How We Can Help You Motivate Your Child

One of the many challenges that parents have when raising their children is how they can motivate them to study and learn. When you are at your wit’s end about what you should do, be sure to come to us for help! At Children’s Montessori Center of Yorba Linda, we provide a unique program that … Continue reading

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Invest in Your Child’s Future

Every parent or guardian wishes for the best for their children. At the very least, you would wish for them to develop in a happy and healthy manner. It is critical that you meet your child’s social, emotional, and educational requirements to be able to achieve this. In today’s competitive world, education, after food, clothing, … Continue reading

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