A Child Can Benefit From Learning to Tie Their Shoelaces


You need to be patient when you start teaching your preschooler to tie their shoelaces because the task requires a dexterity level that most children do not possess until they are between five to seven years old as per our educators in Montessori school in Yorba Linda.

When your little one tries to learn the task of tying their shoelaces at home, it helps them develop their motor skill and gives them further independence.

A preschooler may not get the right binding of their shoelaces for the first few tries. They may tie them however they want or even tuck them into their shoes so they can get rid of them and start walking.

Do not worry. Do you remember the time when you did the same thing back then because you cannot wait to get going? Choose to be patient with your child and try to teach them the right way to tying shoelaces. With a lot of encouragement, your little one will eventually get it.

It is essential that you sit side by side with your child during their first few tries of tying their shoelaces. At least, they will have the same view and can mimic your actions while you do your own. When your little one accomplishes the task with flying colors, you praise them and try the same thing again the next day.

The task will eventually become natural for your child. Once they get the hang of tying their shoelaces, there is no need for you to sit side by side with them since they have developed a sense of independence of doing the task by themselves.

Shoelaces may come undone when they play with their friends in our Montessori Center in Yorba Linda CA. Do not worry because you can expect our educators to assist them.

If you are looking for a childcare provider in Yorba Linda CA for your little one, we will be ready and willing to give your child a second home.

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