6 Ways to Make School Day Mornings Easier


Children have their own strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and most of all, dramas. Some children are full of angst and hardheadedness while others can be too aloof. Nonetheless, it is our job as parents to experience and react to which with utmost care.

Most (if not all of the time) the emotional skirmishes happen during mornings, just before you take them to school. Preparing their school bags, getting the breakfast done, even the whining of “Give me five minutes more!” – a lot of things can prolong your day. After all, nobody said that raising a child was easy.

If you are in this dire situation, then you came to the right post! Here are special tips you can apply to make school day mornings much easier:

  • 1. Establish an orderly morning routine.

    Identify the factors that trouble your children in prepping themselves. Once you have finalized your game plan, implement it strictly without being too harsh on them.

  • 2. Establish an orderly night routine too.

    Mornings might have been uneasy for kids because they have struggled the night before. Lack of sufficient and good quality of sleep affects your children’s mood. Setting bed times and not allowing gadgets in bed will help.

  • 3. Set appropriate rewards and sanctions.

    Getting kids ready for school on their own is a training to hone their obedience and maturity. Let them know what to do and what not to do. If they do things correctly, appreciate them. If they do things erroneously, correct them without condemning.

  • 4. Choose your words properly.

    Your temper may get the best of you. Always keep in mind that kids are hypersensitive. With a few words and actions, you may end up scarring them for life. Considering that in mind, know what words to say. As much as possible, avoid profanity and discouraging remarks. Instead, integrate courtesy by utilizing simple words like “please” and “thank you”.

  • 5. Be their role model.

    Children mirror what adults do. If you want your children to outgrow their bad morning habits, be a person worthy of emulation. Get up early and be organized. As much as possible, keep a dynamic and positive disposition.

  • 6. Make weekends something to look forward to.

    Getting through school days is no easy feat, you have been there before. To make every day more bearable, make weekends as a sort of inspiration. For example, you may allow longer gaming hours or let some classmates come over.

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