5 Ideas To Keep Your Kindergarteners Entertained And Busy


Let’s face it. Kids easily get bored. They are full of energy, jumping from one activity to the next without seemingly getting tired. So, as adults, you will have to equip yourself with a lot of fun activities that children in Kindergarten in CA can enjoy. Here are a number of activities you might want to try.

  1. 1.Let them help in the kitchen.

    You can try out simple recipes that you can do with the kids. You can let them work with fruits, sandwiches, or anything that does not require heat. By doing simple recipes, you can challenge them to use their creativity through decorating a cake or making a sandwich filling, among others.

    Make sure to look after their safety at all times. Turn off the oven or stove beforehand so they won’t accidentally turn them on. Knives should also be kept away from your children’s reach.

  2. 2.Play with playdough.

    Playdough is probably one of the best things for kindergarteners as well as kids who already understand that it is not something they can eat. Playdough can help develop fine motor skills and can inspire creativity, too. Your children can mold them to whatever they can think of. Playdough is available in different scents and colors, helping them nurture their senses.

  3. 3.Create artworks with paper.

    A single paper can turn into a toy that your children can enjoy for hours. You can teach your kids how to make paper airplanes and fly them afterward. You can also opt for origami or even paper maché.

    It will be best to prepare art materials in the room or nearby so you can easily grab them if you ran out of activities to keep your kids busy. As much as possible, you might want to use recycled paper to save the environment.

  4. 4.Use music.

    Music is a great way to while the time. Kids, even those receiving Infant Care in Yorba Linda CA, can listen, sing, or dance to music. Play out some nursery rhymes or children’s songs that they can sing and dance along to.

  5. 5.Let them enjoy the outdoors.

    You can go with gardening or just playing at the outdoor playground. Just make sure that you keep them safe and supervised at all times. The outdoor area where they will be spending the time should be free from sharp objects and other harmful items.

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