3 Reasons Why the “Terrible Twos” Isn’t so Bad at All

3 Reasons Why the “Terrible Twos” Isn’t so Bad at All

When children turn around the age of 2 years old, most parents already anticipate and experience one of the most challenging moments of raising kids. People have called it the “Terrible Twos”. It is characterized by children being more stubborn than usual, throwing a lot of tantrums, wanting to do a lot of things on their own and in their own ways, and disregarding the words of parents or guardians. However, at Montessori Center in Yorba Linda, CA, we see this period of the children’s lives as a crucial point to develop skills and character.

Creative and Curious

At this age, children seem to be at a very high point of their curiosity. They love to explore and ask a lot of questions. Alongside their hunger for knowledge is a high spirit of creativity. They would do whatever they can to address the imaginings and queries in their little minds. This usually ends up with them testing the coloring function of crayons on the wall, on the floor, on the skin, and anywhere else they experiment the magic of their discoveries on. This is a good opportunity for parents and teachers to guide the children’s surge of development into skills and interests that would be helpful for the children’s future. In Children’s Montessori Center of Yorba, we cater to this stage of the children’s life carefully and intelligently.

Energetic and Willful

Aside from exploring and experimenting, children at this age also have a lot of energy and strong will to do whatever they find interesting. They are not like adults who take interests on things but divide the time they spend on the thing. Children are filled with energy to exhaust on everything that they find around them. This hype can be put to good use and prevented from turning into frustrations and tantrums by allowing the children to help parents in little things. Parents can have their child watch and practice making the bed, folding clothes, brushing their own teeth, feeding pets, coloring within the lines of a coloring book or drawing, playing a musical instrument, or any safe and purposeful actions.


Although most people see the terrible twos as the kids being the most stubborn, they are in fact on a stage where they are open to all knowledge and experiences. They are more in touch with their emotions. They would cry if they get upset, and laugh out loud if they find something funny. They don’t hold on to grudges. They live in the moment. And this is actually a good thing for parents and teachers to teach skills and guide the children’s personalities and build values.

Kindergarten in CA looks well after the differences and challenges in children’s development.  Infant Care in Yorba Linda, CA is of high quality as well. This is because we look beyond the box like addressing the terrible twos into a powerful stage of skill and personality development instead of just avoiding its stereotyped or preconceived negativities.

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