Keep Your Child’s Pearly Whites Healthy

Preventing early childhood tooth decay for your little one is essential for them to have healthy teeth. When your child has cavities, it can cause pain and dental sensitivity when left unchecked. Eventually, they will lose interest in eating, causing them to become malnourished. As parents, you need to teach your child to brush and … Continue reading

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A Child Can Benefit From Learning to Tie Their Shoelaces

You need to be patient when you start teaching your preschooler to tie their shoelaces because the task requires a dexterity level that most children do not possess until they are between five to seven years old as per our educators in Montessori school in Yorba Linda. When your little one tries to learn the task of tying … Continue reading

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Is Your Child Ready to Wear a Pair of Shoes?

For many parents, getting their child to wear shoes is a daily battle. Honestly, a child can be a real piece of work when they keep squirming out of their shoes, especially when you are running late for work and you need to drop them off to a childcare center. Your child does not need … Continue reading

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Children Can Learn a Lot Through Picture Books

For preschoolers in Montessori school in Yorba Linda, colorful picture books are an essential part of learning how to read and identify things. This kind of setup indicates the first step in introducing your child to reading. It is also usually the source of language development for your little one. As parents, you can buy picture books to … Continue reading

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Let Your Child Experience the Joys of Coloring!

You can find crayons in most homes where there are kids. These coloring materials are usually in a pencil box or an old tin. There is more to coloring than just a piece of homework in Montessori school in Yorba Linda. There are many developmental advantages to it! Coloring enables preschool children to explore a … Continue reading

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