Tips on Developing the Communication Skills of Toddlers

The interaction between a child and the people around them, especially parents, are crucial in shaping their attitude and perspective in life. How should an adult communicate with a toddler to raise them well? As a Montessori school in Yorba Linda, we would say that genuine words of appreciation top the list. This can be … Continue reading

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Skincare Tips for Your Child During Summer

In the summer months, you and your family may want to spend a lot of time in a resort where there are swimming pools or beaches. Undoubtedly, your child will be delighted to splash into the water or build sand castles with you! What wholesome, happy child won’t be? However, summer is always the hottest … Continue reading

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Make Your Child Love Bath Time

Daily baths for your children is essential to maintain good hygiene and overall health. Because they often expose themselves to alarming levels of germs, especially during playtime at home or in a Montessori school in Yorba Linda, they need a routine that can remove sweat and dirt from their body. Trying to get your children … Continue reading

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Children Need to Exercise to Become Healthy and Happy

As a childcare provider in Yorba Linda CA, we encourage parents to help their child to become physically active. That way, they will have leaner bodies, stronger bones and muscles, better sleep, and lesser risk of becoming overweight. Aside from those, they can have a better outlook on life. For most adults, exercise means running on a treadmill, … Continue reading

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Serve Brain Foods for Your Child for Better Learning

Your child’s brain will continue to grow briskly, which is why the food that they will eat matters. Whether it is you, another family member, or a nanny is taking care of your child at home, try to always ensure that your child does not stray from eating nutritious foods. The kind of food that … Continue reading

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